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About My Unique Approach

Dr. Blandford's experience, unique approach to injury care, and commitment to excellence has separated him from others in the same field. He specializes in the treatment of Active Release Technique® (ART®), considered the most advanced soft tissue treatment system available.

ART® is widely used throughout the world of professional sports including PGA, NFL, NBA, NHL, as well as Olympic athletes. ART® is also utilized in many fortune 500 companies to reduce workers compensation costs in the areas of repetitive strain injuries (recognized by OSHA and Department of Labor as a wellness, prevention, and First Aid treatment).

Once the exact location of the tissue problem is pinpointed, Active Release Technique is used to reduce and eliminate musculoskeletal pain. You don't have to put up with pain! Learn more about Active Release Technique®...

Dr. Steve Blandford Certified ART® Provider
CrossFit Mobility Trained